NOT ILLUSIONS! I Will Always Love You…


             NOT ILLUSIONS!
I Will Always Love You…


It is true that I can’t stop loving you!

And more true is it that I lived every moment of those times we are not together in pains, cause my feelings for you is special!

It will be a mistake, to think I can be OK without you!

How could my life have been without your sweet voice, the way you used to say my name and how you have held me captive as I listened to your stories, feeling the warmth of your body next to mine, those times in the night under star-filled clouds?

And your smiles, was it not I that said it melts my sorrows?

Have your eyes ever stopped searching my thoughts? Even when mine are closed, asleep or awake, I felt your eyes!

What I felt for you from the first time I started loving you is as fresh and real from then till now and I am sure, forever!

Can’t tell you I missed you, because you are always in my thoughts and never ceased to be a part of my fantasies, those wonderful times I have imagined your beautiful body in my arms, us kissing and caressing and your soft moans as I make wild and gentle love to you!

Oh baby, you are always at home, in my heart. I will never let you go away…

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