Love’s power is awesome! It controls everything the person in it’s grip does!

Yet, the feeling is special and even when there are tears, falling in and out of it will be done multiple times over, with each experience different or unique!

Although it is difficult to understand why those we love hurt us and each time they do it we feel more pains than the way we feel if another person does the same thing, yet we readily forgive them because love is manipulating everything we do, whenever it finds us worthy to act it’s name!

Thoughts of the beloved is often foremost in the mind of anyone in love!

I am in love and I keep thinking of my beloved. She is in my thoughts before I go to sleep and always the first thing to cross my mind when I wake up and stays there even when I have to do other things! I keep wanting to do so many things to make her happy, as if I have never fallen in love before!

Little wonder, love is said to be God, or that, “God is love”. If so, why must love not have the powers it possess?

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