It is said that human beings love/enjoy stories!
To be able to make a good point or sell anything, be it an idea or commodity, an individual should have a story to back it(object in context). Not all stories are capable of attracting and influencing attention. A story must be good, for it to have any attention!
Why stories, what is special about it?
Some stories are real life incidents, while others are imagined, but all stories are said to contain the powers of attraction!
It is said of stories to be either good or bad, but the truth is, every story is a good story, it’s just that there are good storytellers and bad storytellers, whose classifications is due to packaging and presentation. It is common knowledge that salespeople have often failed in selling very good items/ideas/insurance etc because they lacked the ability to tell stories! Still worthless things have been purchased at costly rates as a result of good storytelling abilities of the salesperson!

How To Tell A Story

It is very easy to tell a story and make it worth the listener’s while! All you need to do is to enter the minds of your audience and try to understand what they want to hear, after which you can reframe your story to suit their pleasure!
A lot of imagination and easy calm is required to tell a worthy story, as it has to be effortlessly!
So, let’s have it, what story do you desire to tell?






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