God has given enough
What did you say your name is?
You troubled my heart with your sweet laughter
You cleanse even my soul
Those sorrows I saved for strength, you laughed away!
As hard as I could strain my ears
All I could hear was a faint whisper
How much could you give?
With such laughing power, could you fear anything, even heartbreak?
You would laugh it off!!
I want to love you beyond your dreams
Am only human
I want to care less if you don’t love me back
I am flesh and blood
How many times did you say ‘I love you to me’?
If it were only once
It was a scared whisper when you said ‘you too’
Can you love me and not care if I break your laughing heart?
What if I corrupt you with the ugliness of my life?
And you just laughed!!!
Oh how I loved you
Sure, God has given enough!!







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