Research has shown that the formation of an individual’s character, emotional development and future prospects is largely dependent on the family and home environment, as the basic background. This makes the family and home environment the major catalyst in every life situation. Every individual starts his life process as a child, of which certain needs moulds him into what he will become. These needs are love and security, feeling of acceptance, being wanted and approved, and wise loving discipline, which only a good mother and a firm loving father can guarantee, as they are a grand team for the active upbringing of a child. Such services if rendered by parents, can enable a child to learn the difference between right and wrong, encouragement in aptitudes, the implanting of a desire to learn, the setting of a good example, as well as the gradual equipment for and acquisition of independence!

The things that children want and often demand from parents are; time, tolerance, a sense of humor, sympathetic guidance without being too dominating and overprotective, as well as the understanding of their developing personality and emotional needs. Parents that allowed their children these needs easily mold them into better human beings, irrespective of negative influences like peer pressure.

Although love and security are very important for the upbringing of a child and when such is lacking, the consequences to both parents and children can be drastic, certain actions that parents sometimes do to the children, which are almost criminal are; sarcasm, unkindness, constant criticism, ridicule, favouritism, and perfectionism, which makes any child that is a victim, very lonely, creating an emptiness within him. Separation of a child from parents due to death, or divorce, also causes insecurity and makes a child lonely. Such a one needs more time, attention and special care by the person responsible for him.

to be continued…

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