It is all in man’s heart to Lord it over his fellows. If there is nothing wrong with that, what evil scheme is it for any individual to take pleasure in turning another into a miserable beggar? What price is there in giving alms to an ingrate? What does it take to add value to another person’s life?

Each time you try to look down on another, carefully examine the craftsmanship of the table you are negotiating on (Every negotiating table is flexible and capable of turning over!). If you are not shrewd in your dealings, just as in the law of climbing up a ladder, when your servant turned into your master, he may likely treat you the way you treated him!

What’s in this life that you have which no one else has or is capable of, or does which all ends with you? Whatever your pride, fame, fortune, humiliation and poverty, a lot of others have been there before you and many more will continue to follow that path! If life is truly a circle, then what will be, will be!!

You must be ashamed of the airs and graces you wear, because you happened on some fortune, or you were opportune to wear a crown. At a point in time, some kings were captured and made slaves, others were dethroned and banished from their kingdoms! Who are you to be beyond reproach or temptation?

Life is fickle but not truly brief, as every moment of it matters as part of our lifetimes! Learn to invest in human resources!

Is there any wealth better than when you are happily honored by human beings like you, cause everywhere you go more people will be happy to see you and in your presence there’s peace which you radiate due to the quality of your interactions with them? Always make your heart so pure and free that people can see almost through you!

The fellowship of human resources is priceless, always seek for it!

In contrast, if you have money and position of authority, but you are always lonely because you know that almost all the people around you have veiled loyalty, they serve and can worship you only as long as the money and your position lasts! Think. Is this not an unnecessary burden,? You are now tasked to be on a constant search for and acquisition of money and power in order to keep those types with you and despite your efforts, you will still feel empty and lonely!

Beware of the day you will turn into a miserable beggar! Honor your fellow human beings, reach out to them, always extend friendship and fellowship, someday you might be at their mercy…

This blogger is thirsty…!


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