There are certain things that are universal. They might be principles or a tangible existence like beauty.

In Nigeria, over seventy percent of the population depends on the government for everything, which makes growth and civilization painfully slow. Political offices and plum government positions are the crave of the day! People go to any length including murder and fetish practices just to get a government appointment, or to secure an elective postion.


The system is bad and can never be good until the common man understand and accepts independence through self reliance. People ought to learn and own specific trades that can generate sustainable income for them. Now this is where the proven lies. I have seen a lot of people engaged in various forms of businesses that crumbled! I also had such experience several times (I ventured into different businesses for the money, but nothing worked. It was either too boring, or it just refused to work!). The simple reason why we often fail is because of wrong choices, or doing things for the wrong purpose. This is universal and applicable to anything! “No matter how good or well we embark on any venture, whatever it’s nature might be, as long as it is for the wrong purpose, it will certainly go bad in the course of time”.

Missionaries established schools a long time ago, where I come from, such that the first pedagogical institute in West Africa, “Teacher’s Training College, Kaltungo”,(not anymore) was in my hometown, an advantaged situation to have placed Kaltungo and it’s indigenes on top of so many things in West Africa, but the only thing we are famous for after so many decades are our “snakes!”

In Kaltungo today, whatever your disposition, if you are not a civil servant, you have not yet arrived. Those on top of the ladder are government oil company employees, then medical and health workers and the others. In recent times, NGO employees are beginning to get some recognition and the clergy, particularly those of ECWA fold. This situation has so crippled development in my hometown that one often wonder if there is a sort of supernatural power that is pulling the people backward. There’s this graduate whose mother complained to me about. The mother is a retired Chief Nurse. She said her son refused to look for and seek any type of employment with the government or any agency, because he wanted to be on his own, self employed, an entrepreneur, and I replied that her son had made a very good decision, but she was not happy, she wants him to be a civil servant. The woman’s perspective is the situation with the youths of Kaltungo and most parts of my country. It is either you are on the government payroll, or you are nothing!


I have a friend who graduated and was unable to get employed after some years. She said she wished she had studied nursing instead of all the years she wasted in the university, that nurses have automatic employment with handsome pay cheques! It is possible that the reason why she went to the university is because she wanted to earn a degree certificate that will boost employment opportunities for her (choice of study program was irrelevant, it is the certificate that mattered). There are a lot of top retired public servants, military and paramilitary personnel in my hometown, most of whom after labouring so many years for the government, have nothing to show for it. If only they had invested those years building themselves when they had the strength, like the woman’s son who decided to be self reliant than to depend on the government and is now running a small scale poultry and fish farm, Kaltungo could have been a striving city with beautiful houses and a lot of privately held corporations, because of the advantage the town had of early access to education.


This mindset of attaching success to working for the government, or venturing into a business concern purely for money, is the reason why we have quack doctors, or attorneys that can never present, not to talk of defending a case! There are doctors and nurses that are always wearing sullen faces but very good at what they do. If you take them to a football game, you will be surprised at the joy on their faces when they are playing, or if you see a registered nurse acting a play, you will be surprised at the ease and fulfilment in her as she acts! The quacks and the unfulfilled in their jobs went into it for the wrong purpose, “the money”! There are people that have a lot of money but derived no pleasure from it, they lived dry austere lives and when they die, those that know how to spend money will do it for them! They toiled for the money only for people to see that they have it! Also there are those that buy cars, furnitures, electronics and other gadgets not because they need it, or for their personal luxuries, but because they want others to see and know that they have arrived! The de la creme of society! This unhealthy ideology is applicable to marriage and just any endeavor. There are couples that will be so comfortably married, having everything, even love, but the marriage is either being tolerated, or will crumble because they married for the wrong purpose! You must understand what marriage is and why it is instituted before entering into it and no matter how much love you have for each other, if there is no compatibility between the two of you, don’t marry! In those days, marriages used to last, because people don’t marry unless they have a lot of things in common. In some cultures, an individual’s zodiac or the person’s animal year in the case of China, will be considered for compatibility before any marriage union takes place!

The reason why most businesses crumble is because the entrepreneurs started on the wrong footing, they chose businesses that they derived no joy or fulfilment from. Their only interest is the revenue from it!

In all that you do, if you do not do it with the fullness of your heart, it simply means you are on the wrong path, no matter how good, or bad you are at it! Everything in life pays well, know what your dreams are, follow it, not the money and your fulfilment will attract as much wealth as you can ever hope for!

Ponder what Khalil Gibran said in his book, “The Prophet ”
And what is it to work with love? It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth. It is to build a house with affection, even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house. It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap the harvest with joy, even as if your beloved were to eat the fruit. It is to charge all things your fashion with a breath of your own spirit, and to know that all the blessed dead are standing about you and watching”.



This blogger is thirsty!

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