Although it is rare, children are also capable of destroying their parents. This happens when a child keeps receiving without any thought to give and when the giver gets tired and stop giving, the receiver being a minor, will become rebellious and eventually destroy the giver.

It is also possible for a selfish giver to breed a selfish receiver. The way a child is modelled is how he will become.

Woe betide the selfcentred parent!

If you train a child to be a thief, that is what he will be. If a child decides to be a rebel, the fault will be from the parents. A man is what the society makes him to be and the family is the society. If you teach your child contentment, he will learn to accept not only from you, but from any other place, and you will be proud of him.

Contentment does not mean accepting everything. It means being satisfied, or being at peace with, or the ability to tackle any situation. When you help your child to develop a positive self image, you will be laying a good foundation for contentment in him, because the child will know and understand who he is, all his human abilities and will never accept failure, he will know when to act and when not to.

Do not diminish your child’s image by forcing him to accept being under the ladder. Every child must understand and believe that he is the image and likeness of God and should be content with that! he should not be taught to think he can be anything else. When he grows up with that in mind, his positive abilities will know no boundaries. But if he is not contented with that, when he starts to seek new definitions of who he is, he will sink very low!

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