BEFORE THE BEGINNING, A Short Story: continuation

Faith Nathan


A Short Story

…Before he could utter a word, kunlung spoke, “I know you are surprised, but I am he whom you are waiting for, the messenger of Yamba, now let’s see how far you have gone with the preparations”…


…With this, the chief priest was brought back from his reverie and was showing Kunlung the shrine, the earthen pots, the calabashes, all ready for the great Eku festival, he went further to show him the goats to be slaughtered and other presents to be offered to Yamba on that day.
“Come let’s go into the village and you will see how we are all preparing for this festival” said the chief priest to Kunlung. Kunlung suddenly transformed into his snake form and slithered behind the chief priest towards the village.
The sun was already setting when the chief priest and Kunlung made it to the…

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