Traditional Arts And Craft Of The People Of Tangale East.


Traditional Arts And Craft Of The People Of Tangale East.




The Tangale people of Kaltungo, Shongom and Ture were originally warriors and when not fighting their wars, they were doing it for others as mercenaries.
In their pastimes, they hunt. Farming became a later addition!

Arts And Craft
Our people were not renown in the arts and craft, but at festive times they do a lot of dancing and singing, which is the major arts activity of the people, then and now.
The “Komda giants” whom our forefathers were said to have driven out of the present day settlement were said to be renowned weavers, a craft our people could not practice, simply because it is not militant in nature.
All our dancing regalia and general items of clothing were either bartered, or bought from the neighboring tribe of Waja and sometimes further, at Kuri, or Teraland.
However certain instruments like the “Liira” (flute) “Nbiikum” (another form of mouth organ without finger points) and a few others are handcrafted by our people using local materials like cornstalks and animal horns.



The habitats of the people then were simple dwelling places, more like tents than houses, as such there was no arts or finery in the construction.
Cooking pots(usually clay) and other such kitchen things were also bartered, or bought from the Waja people.
Sleeping beds and sits were carved from tree trunks. At a later time, beds made with bamboo stalks, or dried cornstalks became vogue and those that could afford, bought, or bartered it from the neighbouring tribes.


Dancing is the most popular arts activity of the people of Tangale East.

Some of the special dances of our people include;
“Kol Tangra” usually done to cleanse the land in preparation for farming season.
“Kol Eku” usually done to celebrate harvests.
“Kol Sassa” a sort of ceremonial dance.
“Kol Kii” also a common dance done during occasions of weddings, naming, etc.
“Kol Paara” the hunting dance, done at hunting expeditions.
“Kol Rommo” the dance of rivals, done by women.


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