Forced Alliances!!!


Forced Alliances!!!


Why would anyone want to live with, or force himself/herself on a partner that doesn’t love, like, or want him/her?

Is it the money, aesthetics, status, power, security, or madness?

If it is all about companionship, what sort of company can such a one offer? How will the relationship work? Perhaps time will sort things out? What if…?

So many people have forced themselves into relationships that they are hardly able to maintain and thus regretting it!

My Advice!

Never force yourself on another, either by brute force, indirect force, or other manipulations!

Before you compromise yourself in any alliance, think carefully on all that you will sacrifice and ponder it’s worth in relation to what you are exchanging it with!

Accept, like, love and tolerate those who offer same relationships to you!

Desperation always failed in any relationship!!!


There is a place and time for everything. There is always someone for another. If you look carefully, you will see what is yours!

Marriage is not the only thing that you are on this earth for, so let not all your heart and soul be focused on seeking only it (marriage). Share the moments of your time on other aspects of life in other to make it qualitative!




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