That we should love without caring if it is appreciated or not, to just give without caring if we are given back in return as a reciprocal favor or not! To love without conditions!


This one says to bless all those who curse you! That you should do good to anyone who seek to harm or destroy you!


Is it possible to live or practice these fantastic ideas? If one is able to do it for a time, can it be maintained? Will it be possible to extend such acts to everyone, even those that are unforgivable? What about people that darkened our spirit even by just thinking of them, those whose presence we can never tolerate because of the gravity of what they did? This is not saying anything about those we have forgiven countless times and they keep doing bad to us!

More people are becoming evil or tending towards it, deliberately causing pains and misery, yet it is expected of their victims to bless them and other people to love them! An almost impossible burden, considering the fact that the heart of man is desperately wicked.
It just has to be an eye for an eye!


On another note, forgiveness might be possible, if we consider the fact that we all live on borrowed lives. Us individuals are in consistent disobedience to the source of our lives, we break natural laws at will, but are assured of acceptance and forgiveness, when we forgive those who wronged us!
A very difficult position.
To be forgiven is to forgive!


How can we achieve this?

We must work on ourselves and be able to overcome our emotions, by being unselfish, and see others for who or what they are and try to understand why they often act the way they do.

There are those that hardened themselves against us and are unlovable and unreachable. They are always blocking any attempt to make peace with them. To such, an indirect approach is what will be needed to break through to them. Always use a third party to express your love and never stop to intercede through prayers for them.

To those that just hate or disliked you, but are reachable, the best way to take them down is by the element of surprise! Do positive things which they may assumed you are incapable of doing for them. Defend their interest wherever it is threatened and you will be able to melt their hearts, completing your forgiving capabilities and preparing yourself to receive higher forgiveness and divine honor, which is the final reward for agape and harambe!

Eventually, everything is for, or has a price reward, even Agape love!!!



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