FOR HOW LONG DO I PRAY?


Thou that answereth…
How long and hard do I need to pray?
Those long hours without food
My spirit spent and wailing…
What tears have I not cried?
The pains, the humiliations!
What must happen to me to attract thy benevolence?
Perhaps at sunset?
When even my shadow shall refused to follow me
When I shall become so spent and my usefulness scarce…
When very little shall give pleasure to the years I piled on the flesh of my body that shall be wrinkled…
When even walking shall be a task
Do not wait till my bones begin to weakened before thou shall smile a fortune on me

Oh that my sorrows shall fail to gladden thee
Oh that thou shall lift up the burdens that weigh me down
Oh that it shall be now not later
Oh that thou shall let the folly of man’s desires to work for me!!!

How have thou measured the age of man?
How long are the days for suffering?
How long are the days for joy?
Could it be that all of Man’s time on earth is for toiling?
Is that why our days are briefly spent here?

Heaven is for an eternity of bliss!!
Will all of us whose sweat has long turned to sorrows make it there?

Those that enjoy good times on earth
What are they?
Where is their final destination?



Image Credit: Google Pictures


5 thoughts on “FOR HOW LONG DO I NEED TO PRAY?

  1. A beautiful post and a reminder for me that we are just a pilgrims here on this earth for a fragment of time. This is not our eternal home and I am to spend each day in doing what is desired of me then doing what I desire.

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