FREE WRITING IN VERSE; How to write a poem!



How to write a poem!


A lot of folks have been doing it
When I tried
I found it to be good
Cause I enjoyed it!
A first glance at it will give the impression of a poem
Ain’t that classy?

More is the fact that lazy readers will not be bored!

When you write in verse
Every sentence fits into a line
Instead of having paragraphs
It will be stanza’s
Sometimes it may not be necessary
But if it is a lengthy writing
Breaking it is important
For it will encourage reading

With little effort and a few touches
Your piece can become a poem
And you will be a poet!!
It is easy
If only you have the courage to write even a few words
Here is an example of writing freely in verse
It is a love letter;

“My dearest one

Each time I make an effort for your sake
I see it as a labor of love
With all the modern ways of communication
I still find joy in the old ways
Especially the act of letter writing

My darling
You must know that
I love you everyday and forever

Last night
Before we say our good nights
With our traditional hugs and kisses
You said you wanted to learn how to write a poem

My sweetheart
The easiest poems to write are love poems
And everyone in love is a poet at heart…
You are a poet already!!!

A poem is the expression from a heart
In verse
In song
And in style
Call it
A song of the heart…

The easiest way my love
Is for you to express your thoughts in verse
Each thought in one line
When you want to make a paragraph
Double space and you will instead have a stanza…

My heart is beating anxiously
Cause I look forward to the evening
When we shall share moments of our time together
The best being
Those times you melt in my arms
Enjoying our kissing
And the way we touched each other…

It is only a few more moments
And we shall be together forever
Before then
Let us continue to enjoy
And make the best use of now

Looking forward to being with you later in the evening


Love always, Jerry”
The above example needs only a few additions and subtractions
To be a poem…
Here you go
Write your first poem…






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