There is nothing that has as much access to the throne of God as a pure or free heart! When a child is born, he is usually referred to as an “innocent”. The Lord Jesus Christ said the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as have the heart of a child! The original plan for human beings by their maker is for them to live puerile lives, of which he set the pace by presenting them to the world in the form they are meant to be.

A chaste person is someone that is pure. Going by general terms, it is almost impossible to find a chaste person among humans and if we are to limit the chastity to the physical, then we can say a chaste person is a person that never had sexual intercourse with another. To elevate further, we may add such a one that has never done anything wrong, or bad to the requirements!

It is said that all have sin and fallen short of the “glory” of God! It’s only by His (God’s) grace that we (humans) have access to God’s presence!

How pure(innocent) at heart are you? “It’s from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh!” Meaning all our acts/deeds are as a result of the situations, or components of our hearts!

Although our actions/inactions may be situational, it is important to mould all our reactions to everything with love (perfection/purity)! in order to have God in our all, which qualifies us to be in His presence always. After all, we(humans) are created in His (God’s) image/likeness, we ought to be in His element (love).

Always endeavor/strive, to have the heart, or mind of a child (Pure heart)…



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