LATUMAR “Choices”





Latumar is a quiet twenty years old girl. Life has been tough for her, ever since her parents died in a ghastly motor accident. She lived with her uncle who never cared for her needs. She passed through secondary school with difficulty, after which she started helping a neighbor to sell food at her restaurant, for a token amount, as salary.

After working very hard for almost a year, she was able to set up her own restaurant to which midway through the first year of her own business, something happened a certain Monday evening, that locked the doors of life against her for ten years. She was almost done for the day, after closing and balancing her books, when a red Lexus Sports car pulled up in front of the restaurant. She was stunned when Yarbanza, the dullest girl in her class stepped out of the car. Yarbanza was gorgeously dressed. They exchanged pleasantries and later updated each other on challenges and achievements. Yarbanza told Latumar how she became a drugs’ courier and that she did only three trips which saw to her current splendor. Latumar begged to be introduced to the business. It happened and she was prepared for her first trip, which never happened!

On the proposed day of departure, a very strict, hardworking drugs law enforcement officer was on duty. All efforts to terminate or outsmart him by couriers always failed. He could not be bought and he was too tough for assassins. Whenever he is on duty, the couriers don’t travel. Because it was not her lucky day, there was an impromptu change in the duty roster at the airport, which the couriers’ informant didn’t know and Latumar was already in the airport. The officer Mr. Langune, ordered Latumar to be thoroughly searched, because with all the training she went through, Latumar was tense. A large parcel of cocaine was discovered in her private part. She was arrested, charged to court, found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

Latumar had problem with acceptance, she was not contented with the freedom she suffered for and earned. She allowed weak emotions of envy to mislead her into making the wrong choice.

Human beings are often hasty in life. We want short cuts to successes. Latumar wanted to make over a million naira in less than one week and she was delayed for ten years. Couriers are often on their own, there is no security for them and once they are caught, no one will stand by them!

Poor Latumar, if her parents were alive, could she have done what she did? Her uncle treated her indifferently because she is not his daughter. How will he feel, now that she is in jail?

Whatever our priorities may be, we ought to think and act positively, always doing the right things. If we do not learn contentment in the things we do, whatever we have and wherever we will be, we will always want something else! Little wonder most successful people are the loneliest. Always do the things that gives you joy while you are on it. Don’t do things just for the money!





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