What happens when a person is pushed to a very high wall he can’t climb over, nor run alongside because it is at an angle and there is no where to go? It is obvious for the person to either push back or beg for freedom! If the antagonist is not interested in mercy, begging is a useless option, but even if mercy will be given, it will definitely have a price, cause no meal is free.

It is not only human beings that can push a person to the wall, a lot of life situations can also do it.


Nearly everyone that is pushed to the wall fights back and so must everyone, because the begging option always leads to slavery, although it is said that no condition is permanent and it is better to endure slavery and live than to fight and die!

The best and surest option for anyone pressurised in a tight corner of any wall is pushing back, not begging by giving up.

We have often under utilized our capabilities, which are limitless for any human, as the Spirit of God!

Whatever troubles (wall) we are facing or pitched against, it is within our power or capacity to overcome, but we often allow weak emotions like fear to rob us of the ability to rouse the energy within!

All we need to do is get on top of the situation, whatever it is (sickness, poverty, war etc), by seeing and believing ourselves in the capacity that we are (image and likeness of God!). Once you so believe, nothing can stand against you!


Every important accomplishments must first be established spiritually, which every person is capable of, by employing “faith”! The moment you start to believe and accept your status is the moment of your freedom and at such times, all walls will be dwarfed and you will just step over!

It is important to always remember that people in their full elements are incapable of evil because they are filled with the essence of God Almighty! No evil comes from heaven, so, choose the heavenly option (love) and you can overcome all bad things, moments and situations.


Death is not a negative thing and anyone that dies fighting or battling any conditions has actually won!

If you are in enmity with anyone and he died, he actually cheated you because he will leave you most importantly without an engaging enemy, someone you can vent your anger or might upon! Or that sickness causing you and your loved ones time and sorrows, the moment you die, it dies and stay dead, while your spirit soul rise on to Paradise above!

Dying by suicide is however a total defeat! It simply means the individual is weak, definitely a coward who can not fight his battle or face their demons!


Always pray! Let everything you do be meditative and you will not even notice the walls, you will always walk the paths of life with normal or regular steps, confident of where you are going because your life is filled with prayer and not erroneously limited to religious practice.

Prayer is the food of the soul, of which every living thing must be regularly engaged in, to keep it (soul), radiant, refreshed and aflame with the light of Heaven!



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