Are illusions also a form of reality, if dreams are fantasies? What is reality and unreality?

It is said of “change” to be permanent and “time” the fixer of everything!


Everything just happens the way it wants to! Nearly nothing makes sense again. The days seemed to be running way too fast, and “time waits for no one!”

I wish I know what to do that makes sense or where to go, a place where real things happen.

Life suddenly stands still.


Oh that I could sing into the sorrows of the night or even dance to the tunes of imagined melodies!

What if I were not born? All these thoughts, the anxieties of wanting to succeed, the desperate protests against unfavorable situations would have been another person’s portion!


But I also have to act this life, as it is said of the world to be a stage and every created human (are there humans that were not created?) to be an actor. We are stars!

How well we act is left for our audience (God and His hosts) to determine!


Are these ramblings, loneliness that is thus defined, or is it the effect of frustrations from unfulfilled dreams?

When this life is done, will there be another like it, or will it be worst, or hopefully blissful?

Where is God?



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