Is Poetry Dying?


Is Poetry Dying?


Poetry is no longer spoken with joy on the lips of men

Lovers don’t feel ashamed of the falsehood in their hearts

Although there abound wonderful poets

Could the death of poetry thus begin?

If I borrow my voice to the wind

Who will hear my wails?

Two jubilees, one silver and the other golden, are a part of my years of existence!

My soft voice is as strong as always…

My tears flows in verse, mourning the rape of creativity

Will fake dispositions prevail too long upon the earth?

The days are long gone when a lover’s heart overflow with poems

Is it the dawn or end of civilization?

Everything now has a price tag!!

Who wants to buy my poems?




There is hope!

In other spheres, there is sincerity

Men live the honor of their words

Love is enjoyed…

You can see the aura of the souls of such lovers in their eyes…

Their joy affects anyone they come in contact with…

When you hear their songs, you will see their hearts in the lines!!




Light always overwhelmed darkness!

Good and bad things may be situational, but the best act is the lasting one!!

That flicker of brightness shall soon overthrow the negative factors causing our feets to stumble

Dawn must come after the night, no matter how long it lasts

Poetry must be back and free!!!

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