OF “FOOTPRINT’S”


That I am weary and tired of living makes it obvious for there to be only one set of footprints along my life’s path, the one belonging to The Lord, being that He now carries me in His arms. I don’t have to walk for now!

How good are those everlasting arms? Why do I have to suffer most when I am in the Arms Of God? Is this not supposed to be the moments of bliss and joy? Being in the arms of a loved one is warming and wonderful! How more the arms of The Living God, whose name is also love? Should there be suffering and sorrows in His arms?

Some sort of preparation, or preservation of strength for the tougher journey ahead?

Could it be I was exhausted from the pleasures of life during the walk of the double prints, even enamored by His presence beside me and since there is more ahead, hence the preservation of my limbs in the lifting act? Is it also possible for me not to be aware of the fun in His arms because I am tired and weary?

Will I really understand the footprints philosophy? Not when I keep facing difficult times while in His arms/presence!




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