It is a little boy’s story
So much imagination
Magic a must!
Else how could a child’s story be complete?

I was fascinated by the tale;

Two little boys in disagreement
One had supernatural powers
The other, one of triplets…
The one of the triplets immediately climbed a tree
The one with the extraordinary powers fixed him a gaze
Triplet boy could not utter a sound as he fell down the tree
He slept as he fainted

How Josh got to the scene, no one knew
He was Just there
He said the sound of the triplet’s fall had so much power
It woke him from the depths of an evening nap and drew him there!!

He remembered a story about the myths of extraordinary happenings
He took the sleeping triplet in his arms
And Josh circled the tree, three times, holding the oblivious boy…
Mine is just wonderment
What could Josh aimed to attain?

A lot of time passed and triplet boy awakened yet in pains…
What was Josh’s magic for?
Even more
The sun sets and rose the following day and sets again
Triplet still feel pains in his limbs
Was the magic meant to prevent or mend?

Broken bones…
There was none!!!
That was it…
Oh, good faithful Josh
Could anyone do it to anybody that should fall down a tree?

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