“LA MUJE”. A Short Story On Curiosity And Power Of The Mind!


A Short Story On Curiosity And Power Of The Mind!

La Muje told me this story a very long time ago, nearly twenty years back. He said he started drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and weed on the same day. It was during his latter days at the college in the evening. A fellow student was sneaking out, so was La muje. They met on the way out and became a team. They went to a pub. His mate, Saurayi, bought beer for them. La muje could not refuse because he has an inquisitive mind, he wanted to find out what makes beer special. He drank two bottles and expected to feel something, but felt normal. On their way back to school, Saurayi brought out a pack of cigarettes and lit one from it. La Muje requested for one too. Knowing it was going to be his first time, Saurayi told him he has to buy for himself, which La Muje did. He was taught the technique of inhaling and after a few trials, he became perfected. La Muje died a couple of years ago and the last time I saw him, about two years before his death, he still smokes.

He claimed to have felt a warming effect and a sort of cooling calmness that stood up all the hair on his body, that first day . To him it was an experience he never regretted. Saurayi then took him to a place where some lads were smoking weed. He decided to smoke too. It was a group smoking, a system where only a wrap is smoked at a time by passing it round. When it was La Muje’s turn, he said he clung to it, because he wanted to determine how it feels, until someone reminded him the grass must be passed round.

As they headed finally to their hostels, La Muje said he was consumed by extreme hunger, such as he never felt before, and the way he walked, as he described, was certainly ritual like! According to him, he was cautious of every step he took, he had to count it one after the other, because he felt he might make a mistake and eventually fall down. On getting to the hostel, he saw a junior “boy” with a packet of biscuits and seized it, pocketing same immediately, contrary to his behavior. He was quiet, afraid of uttering a word, lest someone perceived the odour of his deed, so when the junior boy told him the biscuits belonged to another senior boy, he only looked at the boy, revealing eyes that had turned red, cause he was afraid of saying the wrong words. The boy had to leave the biscuits, for he was surprised and afraid. Eating the biscuits was an ordeal, he said the moment it entered his mouth, it became like scattered fragments of dry leaves falling down his throat and sticking there. It took him up to three hours before he could finish his meal of only one pack of biscuits!

This story is evidently curiosity at work. If La Muje had the opportunity to be a good Lad when he was a kid, he would have known how to control himself and resist his inquisitive mind. He said all his life until this first day, he has always lived in fear of drugs, but when he discovered it, there is nothing to write home about it. He didn’t stop at that first experience, cause he became a regular and when he left college and got into the university, his curiosity got him into deeper things.

He said he went to a certain room and found a fellow student about to smoke a yellowish powder. Being what he is, he demanded to partake. At this point of narration, La Muje asked me if I have ever experienced the feeling of dying and I laughed. According to him, he actually experienced the dying act after smoking the powder. He said he started counting the minutes digit by digit till the moment he might die. At a point, he became so scared he had to leave the room to another, where he met a student reading and decided to confess the sinful deed he committed, seeing death was imminent. The student laughed and told him everything will be alright. Eventually, after vainless persuasion, he was left alone, where he drifted off to sleep, just to wake up in the morning with a fresh feeling of intoxication that stayed in his system for three days. I didn’t ask him what happened after that, if he had continued with the yellowish powder or not, but I think he stopped, together with marijuana, because he couldn’t cope with hunger. La Muje was lucky not to be an escapist, cause if he were to be, he would have continued with the yellowish powder, with the hope of drifting easily to death! He however told me that he will die drinking beer! I lost touch with him before he died, so I don’t know if till his death he was smoking and drinking.

La muje’s story is a true story. It is a practical example of the power of the mind and what curiosity can cause, especially to a young mind!


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