I can almost taste the joy in every sound she makes, each time I say “I love you” to her. It beats me when she is not able to say anything in return, it’s just the laughing!

I just lay me down, imagining the effect of my words to her and the power in her laughter! She is truly lovely, “my baby”, a precious gift from heaven to me!

I wonder what will happen, when she decides to turn her laughter into words. Will the words convey such pleasures beholden in the laugh? Will I be able to feel as much as I do in the words as when she laughed joyously?

What if this is her natural disposition but I am able to see differently cause of my feelings for her? Am I then the one that is giving myself all those pleasures each time she laughed? What about the joy I claimed she exhibit in the laughter? Perhaps a figment of my imagination?

It is only love that makes a person to behave or feel the way I do, seeing or believing every act of the beloved’s as that of love.

Love sees no evil nor does it believe anything bad about the beloved! It is always reading in between the lines, desperately trying to give a positive meaning to every act and utterances of the beloved!

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