DRUGS ABUSE/MISUSE

There is no known instance of the first recorded case of drugs abuse/misuse, however, the Biblical Noah and his counterparts in other religions could be said to be the first man in record to abuse drugs, since alcohol is also categorised as a drug (Gateway drug).
Everything has a use. The phenomena of left and right, good or bad is what matters. Our actions ought to be judged by the situation of things at a given moment, that is why our ability to make choices will always determine how good or bad a situation is.
The objective of drugs might not necessarily be for destruction, but when people use it for the wrong purpose, or when they take an overdose, thus abusing it, they will be said to cause the substance in question to perform a destructive act. No drug is meant for destruction, it is the misuse that is making them harmful.
Drugs abuse most often leads to sex abuse and the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and eventually premature death. When an individual is abusing drugs, he will easily misuse it in order to attain a certain desired effect and illicit sex, etc takes the cue.
Because misery loves company, drug dependants are always a sad lonely mess, gradually diminishing! Do they even want to live with a lifestyle choice like that? They are always here and there, looking for company, hoping for acceptance. So many decent people find it very difficult to cope in the presence of such types. If it is not an extraordinary person, who will want to tolerate someone who snores as he talks, someone that smells all the time, and can never hear anything you say, except his continuous senseless or repetitive utterances, someone with countless detestable habits? They are not fun to be with, always temperamental, sad, and gloomy. Sometimes being with them is like dooming oneself. Yet, it is within the power of the addicts to decide. It is either they choose to live and forsake the negative habit, or continue to be lonely and dying, forcing themselves into outcasts!
Imagine being a dependant (someone who relies on something/another, to live!). Sounds like bondage. It could be worse if a human being (the image and likeness of God), will depend on a non living thing, a lifeless substance, for his existence! What a shame. Do not ever under rate yourself. Even if your parents, relations, lovers, friends and the entire society says they hate you, do not panic. Never run away from home, you might run into filth. And because someone you adore, a role model or whatever, is doing it, don’t do it, even if you are afraid of persecution. Your life is precious, don’t waste it!
It is a pity that no one has ever gained anything positive as solution to his problems by being drugs dependent. Addicts always end up abusing or getting abused by the drugs! Too bad.





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