Some people think that fasting is a mere religious exercise! It is more than that, fasting is a highly rewarding spiritual exercise through which the soul of human beings or anything with life that is privilege to undergo is purified or refreshed or nourished by subjecting the body frame to rigorous discipline!
Fasting is denial and not traditionally restricted to refusing to eat food, as it is possible to eat and still be in a fasting mode!
Whenever a person denies the self something very important for a fix period of time, the person is fasting.


Whenever one is fasting, the person’s spirit soul will be so pure and at it’s (spirit soul) peak, that the aura of such a one will emanate only positive energy which attracts powerful forces that can repel any form of evil. A person that is in a fasting (denial) mood is a protected person!


Fasting ought to be a personal spiritual exercise and not a celebration! Whenever a person is fasting, he/she should look for a solitary, or quiet place, where he/she can commune with the inner self. If possible, when fasting, try as much as possible not to publicize it!

Fast as often as possible in order to have a sound mind and body! You may wish to spice up your fasting with prayers and meditation for better results!

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