Oh, that the wind shall be kind enough to carry my worth to the far reaches of the earth

In pristine bonds, my thoughts keep screaming to be released…

What is the purpose of my existence?

All the steps I walked left no footprints

Which Providence shall draw the map of my journeys?

Such a wretched pilgrim that I am

With so many if’s…

If only I had a fulfilled destiny…

If only I am rich…

If only I can be happy…

If and only if…

A life of wasted dreams and illusions

A prison of sorrows occasioned by poverty and despair

Will it be until God comes?

Regrets, such is the groaning within me

What else can I do?

I keep ageing by the day

My muscles are weak and my limbs too tired

Any effort I will make to walk, shall cause me pain

If for all the active service of my past I had no rewards, what certainty do I have of getting it now?

I can be an ingrate?

I had it all and let it down the drain?

You are free on your opinion…

I wear the shoes and feel the fitness…

There could yet be some hope

Life is never ended until it ends…

It is never too late to start living, even if only a breath is left!!!

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