Why was the building of the tower of Babel discontinued? Simple answer is, “to disunite mankind”! Why was that necessary? Another simple answer is, “so that mankind cannot be able to achieve whatever he set in his heart/mind to”

Could unity be a bad thing? No! But it gives tremendous power, such that heaven itself is scared of the unity of mankind!

When humans are not united, it will be easy to rule them and the easiest way to cause disunity is through the splitting up of tongues, a situation where humans speak in various languages, each unique to the people.


From the experience at the tower of Babel, it is obvious that what gave the people ability to be able at the time to excel at whatever they set their minds on was simply unity! Is it not rightly said that “united we stand, divided we fall?” Language was used as the weapon to cause division amongst the people.

Human beings all over the world should crave for and seek unity in order to achieve giant strides!

They can do this by seeking a common interest.


Language is a very powerful force that is often used for political and general manipulations! It is one of the core basis on which ethnicity was founded, being a category or demarcation of people who speak the same language, and engage in the same sociocultural activities.

Language has tremendous powers.

When a particular tribe fights and win another, it always tried to enforce its language on the conquered, which is why all colonies still use the languages of their masters as their country’s official language. My country Nigeria has over five hundred ethnic nationalities, but the official and most spoken language is British English! This is the same all over the world. Some country’s like the US have given up its ethnic background to English, that even the native Indians and other inhabitants don’t speak their language anymore, I doubt if there is anyone there who still remembers it!

Colonialists have effectively expanded their territories by using subtle means and eventually instituted their languages, which they added the spiritual accessibility of religion to it for validity!

Those who speak the same language find it very easy to interact and do things together, which is why all the ethnic nationalities that have the most indigenes, control vast economies and have a higher access to political power than those with lesser indigenes. This access to more privileges has made the campaign to add more members to certain ethnicities so fierce that all forms of tactics are involved, which include ethnic cleansing, religion, slavery, financial manipulations, etc!


Religion with all it promises, even a gateway to an eternal life is only one of the tools of the politics of ethnicity or the “languages campaign”, which strategists planned and developed in such a way that the ordinary person will think or see it as the highest thing to pursue, or live for! They so turned the thinking of man to believe he is inferior, of which they(religionists) are often against such teachings that will enable him (man) to discover and attain his full potentials!


Any nation, tribe or group that seeks or desire to attain greatness must go back to Babylon to rebuild the tower! (This is only figuratively!) To rebuild the tower means to unite! All peoples that seek to attain a certain height and perfection should mould all the necessary connecting blocks and place them on top of another till it reaches heaven (perfection)!

My brothers and sisters, seek for that which gives you strength and joins you with each other, harnessed it into a force and fused yourselves into it. Do not give room for anything that weakens or divide you to set in, lest it scatter you!

Develop, learn and use only a single language in all your communications.

In other words all people should learn every other person’s language! Every human being ought to be able to speak every spoken language in the world!

Do you know it does not require much to be able to at least understand every language?


Instead of teaching languages, “LIP READING” should be taught in all schools! Anyone that knows how to lip read can be able to effectively communicate with people that speak whatever language!

This is what building the tower of Babel means! For people all over the world to speak with one tongue so that they can understand themselves, and earth shall turn to heaven!


The dream is beginning to unfold. In years past, learning a second language was a problem, but not so anymore. Where it will take much effort to do so, the language in context is translated by installing language apps on smartphones, which every human being will have one(smartphone) in the near future!

When we understand each other’s language, we will understand ourselves. People all over the world shall have no barrier, for it is lack of understanding that brings or creates problems that often result to hatred and war! But when the tower is completed, we (humans) shall feel each other’s pulse, we will easily accept why people do what they do, because we understand them.

Family globalisation is getting swifter and all negative limitations are being eradicated. The global family shall live long, peacefully and in love!




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