Love Letter


Love Letter



This is my first love letter to you! As you read it, probably over and over, I want you to understand that as in a certain song of years past by Giggles, titled “Love letter”, written by Eddie Mercado, Zahid Tariq, Todd Terry, Deborah Lopez and Maria Respeto, “my days are now full of light and it seems like Paradise!”, so is my situation at the moment.

The feelings in my heart are best expressed in Celine Dion’s exaggerations in some of her songs, but in truth I feel able to get water from the moon and even lift the rock of Gibraltar like a pebble on a beach, just for you!

Do you wanna try me?

Bare the secrets of your heart to me and I will set you free from every sorrow therein, for I have decided to make mine heart your sanctuary.

I shall not bother you with too much fantasies, but know and understand that in the comfort of my arms lay the power of making your romantic dreams come true!

I shall love you forever…

Always mii 4 laif… (this shall be our signature!)

Jerry Peri

I want to be the moon and stars in all your nights and the sun that shines through your day!

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