ANOTHER goddess


ANOTHER goddess!

Was it spoken of somewhere?
The tenderness, the calmness
It was so pure I could taste it!
Such sonorous warmth
Where else could your origin be?
Something from the ethereal…
And yet more
Your beauty is overwhelming!!

.OF THE goddess...

All my friends and family members
Even those that know me and the ones that heard my songs
Minds will start to wonder…
Is it now time to unveil the goddess?
What might lay bare the silence within my heart?
Soon it shall be
When they begin to keep track of my dancing
They shall realize that another dream is about to evolve
Your voice has started a new fantasy!!!

THE FIRST goddess

What shall be her thoughts?
Will she be furious with your distractions?
Now that I want to make paintings of different shades of you
What moments shall be her portion?
When love finds you worthy of itself…

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