A Father’s Song! childbirth experience..


A Father’s Song!
childbirth experience...


I have heard what ears have not heard…
I have seen what eyes have not seen…
Has it ever been that a man hears such a cry?
It is a cry, not of anguish, nor pain
It is not a cry of war, nor of victory
No, it is not…
How then can I describe it?
It (the cry) came in my deepest despair
I was at my wits end
She was In great pain
Bringing forth my flesh
Then it came like cool rain falling on a sunny day
The cries of my baby, my very own seed!
It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!
It is a cry that reaches to the very core of my being

What is pain?
What is despair?

At the sound of this cry…

Such a cry that fills my heart with love!!
Only angels can describe it, coming from one of them!!!
But, alas, am no Angel

This Is An Attempt…

…to describe the sweetest sound I have ever heard…

As for the sight…
I cannot describe it
Maybe another day
But not today…



Image Credit: shutterstock.com




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