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Very Important!!!
“Anyone that has no castle, does not in truth wants any!”

It is very easy to own a castle and much easier to build as many as one can, but it is not a good idea to own many!
As with any other thing, the most important step to take in wanting and owning is to actually be convinced that you really have a need for the thing, otherwise with eventual acquisition, it will become useless and a waste of effort!
Whatever you WANT, becomes a NEED and once in your possession, will be valued!

The Castle!
There are various ways of owning a castle, it’s either you buy, build, inherit, or steal from another! Once in your possession, it becomes yours!
The best, easiest and sweetest way to own a castle is to “BELIEVE” (have faith) that you will own one and “DREAM” it with your heart and soul…!!!
If you want a castle, have Faith with a believing heart and it shall be yours!



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