The inhabitants of Tangale land are believed to have lived and moved through the stages of migration together until they reached Tungul or Tungo hills being the sixth, where a serious dispute arose between the two major sections that led to their splitting into the East and West Tangale.

As in most if not all histories, all the initial source is oral tradition, from where literatures were developed. According to oral sources and several existing literatures, it is generally accepted that the Tangale’s moved through seven migratory stages or settlements with their present location as the seventh. The undisputed starting point is often referred to as “Mak”, a settlement believed to have been in the former Kanem Bornu empire, in the Chad Basin, to which there is no trace or evidence it existed, except the reference by the Tangale’s. There are abstract claims though, that Mak was destroyed by war.

There is no accurate chronological arrangement of the other settlements, because like the origin, it is still disputed. The settlements are; Mak, Kubi, Hina, Pokwaka, Dikki, Tungo and Kaltungo or Billiri. Our forefathers seemed to have remembered moving together with the Bolewa, Kupto and Kwami tribes during the migratory stages, where the others stayed back in places they find suitable, which is their present location. The remarkable similarity in our language and theirs, makes it difficult to dispute this claim.

Why must the stages of migration be seven? Why must the starting point be Mak? If they have an origin different from Mak, why is it that the counting does not start from there? This could be because Mak might not even be a physical existence on earth and the choice of the number seven being the number of creation! Some sources claim that the Tangale’s migrated from the mountains of Northern Yemen, then moved through Egypt and learnt to read and write, as they are believed to have been in possession of three books(Trinity), throughout those stages. No one has seen the books, which are speculated to be the Torah, Injil and Koran. From Egypt they moved through the Chad basin, where they settled for a while before proceeding to their current location. There is an account that claimed the migration started from the Lake Tanganyika, where the name Tangale was adopted. Another claim is that the seven stages started from the Islamic city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, that Mak is actually Mecca without the ‘a’.

Mecca simply means a place of beauty and perfection, somewhere in the ethereal, that every soul longs to be, because of it’s endless glory and beauty. If this is so, our ancestors had a knowledge of the metaphysical and decided to fashion their origin and fantasised their immigration based on it. Those other stages could have entirely different meanings, if Mak is in truth Mecca or Heaven! One of those places could easily stand for the garden of Eden and in between, the tower of Babel will find a place! Yet there is evidence on Pand Tungo, that our ancestors in truth, lived there, before migrating to the present settlement!

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