Every man seemed to have an affinity to power.

It is true that a lot of people try to avoid it because of the sorrows and compromises involved. Yet when such ones(those that avoided) had an access or stumbled upon it, they become something else and wringing it out of their hands will require extraordinary efforts, although they shunned it initially!

In the depths of every man’s heart is a secret, almost desperate desire for power, to which no matter how little it is, men tend to want it! That is why every human being badly wants to be respected, and some go out of their ways to seek it(respect or power), even if it means employing diabolical tactics!

Why is this so?

Every form of power or its source comes from God, who also cherished it to the extent He deals with anyone that tries to share their allegiance to Him with others (idolatry). God does not and can never tolerate His power or authority to be undermined either by idol worship or otherwise. He visits such offenders with immense wrath!

And man is said to be the image and likeness of God! Imagine how or why he (man) has so much affinity to power!

Even the desire of humans to be in God’s kingdom (Paradise), is also a quest for power, as being there, or part of it will give man limitless power over any form of sorrows and suffering!

When an individual is in a position of power, it simply means he has authority over those or that under him within the limits of his territory.

It is because of power that God cast the devil out of His presence.

It is because of power that Satan revolted against God and lost his position.

It is because of power that Jacob bought Esau’s birthright and stole his blessings.

It is because of power that an elderly person will bow to a child.

It is because of power that people seek money at all costs.

It is because of power that nobles bow to a lowly born.

It is because of power that wars are fought.

Power gives dominance!

It enables the wielder to have the confidence to do things he can never be able to do a fraction of, without it!

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