The Eagle


                              The Eagle


It was 40 years of glory gone
Alone he sat on the mountaintop
Thirsty, weak, and hungry
Despised and scorned at by all and sundry
Still he sat
The wind came, the rains, the cold, all threatening
With a mirthless smile he watched them
Their rage abated…
Still he sat
His glory was taken
There is no strength left
Pride and dignity were plucked off
Glory, power and excellence deserted him
Still he sat
The sun in all intensity scorched him
The moon brought no respite
The sight of the stars reminded him of those glorious days when he used to soar…
Still he sat
He counted
150 mornings and 150 nights

Then his rebirth began
New feathers and a new beak were given him by Providence!
It will be another 30 years of a new and more majestic crown…!!
Worthy wait!!!






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