I’m in a lazy mood!

A lazy way to make a testimony on laziness is claim it as “the unwillingness to do anything at the right time the proper way!” So brief a testimony!

The attitude of laziness easily compels us to cut corners, give bribes, practice corruption and all such things we assumed will enable a “short-cut”, which often causes us misery and unending sorrows.

Even in conjugal relationships, we create room for laziness by refusing to act appropriately, the right time, much to our partner’s distress and the eventual collapse or deterioration of our relationships!

It is bad enough that we have been doing so many wrongs unknowingly, including lazy acts and when confronted, we tend to claim as being on the right, because the act is common and has been overlooked generally, but still does harm albeit little!

We have to be mindful of little things in our dealings without unnecessarily sticking to details, as this might give room to grievances as a result of a likely situation of nagging!

When doing anything, we ought to endeavour to do it the right way, because no time is ever wasted in doing things the proper way!

Talking about laziness, ain’t this a lazy way to write about laziness?

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