If I give every bit of my heart to you, if I entrust all my dreams to your keeping, what will you do with it? You hovered over me, dotting my life with your shadow, trying always to pin me at the slightest chance!

Now I am tired of running away from you. If you are my demons, I want to face you! So tell me, how prepared are you? Or will you give up the chase now that I am no longer willing to be a challenge? How sad it will be for you! The game is about to change…

I shall make your life more miserable than you made mine! I shall breathe through your nostrils! I shall influence every single beat your heart will make!

I shall be the bane of your fantasies, the beginning of your sorrows!

Perhaps when you start to feel how I felt, when you start getting irritated by my unnecessary attentions, like I used to, you will understand the folly of your infatuations!


Do you know that it is not possible for me to resist you this much if love is what you felt for me? Do you not know that love is an automatic process?

Love must never be toyed with.

If I were so good for you, you could have kept me in your dreams only. Wanting me is the biggest mistake you have ever made!

I am turning the table to go after you!

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