It was a short walk…

It was an ordinary walk…

Indeed it was…

Just the two of us

The distance meant nothing

Every step we took was like a walk in Paradise!

Although we didn’t hold hands

There was no way we could ignore the magical presence of the other!!

Our involuntary acts betrayed our secret feelings…

Your smiles and laughter were girlish, often without occasion

I jabbered boyishly like a teenager, hardly able to remember the things I said to you

Our unspoken joy could be heard in our heartbeats with the sparkle in our eyes as witnesses

It was a walk of idle chatter, reckless laughter, free smiles and enchantments…

Can we still claim we don’t love each other?

The pretence was grand

Our claims real


It seems the pretending game is about to be over…


I could know your thoughts after we parted ways…

Mine was filled with you, but I don’t know what I had to think

Lying down and this late

I still feel your presence and I wonder how long it will last

What would you cherish?

Can you deny how happy you felt walking with me?

Love is screaming for freedom

Oh, such a short walk

It is as if we are still walking!!!

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