What is special about a voice?
Is it the tone, or the value of spoken words, or just the sound produced?
Whenever we speak, do we consider the effects of our voice, or do we just speak to communicate?
And when we sing…
Does our voices have powers of its own, or is it the words we used that gives it power?
What do most people consider in a song?
The spoken words
The tone of the voice?
An image also speaks, but inaudibly!

3 thoughts on “Voices

  1. Great thoughts, for me the voice is very important, the sound, tone and vibration then the words. The voice can be used to heal the sound of it. Music the the sound and tone of the music plus the soothing voice of singer.

    I cringe at some of the music of today and the forceful way many speak and “sing” it just crashes through the vibrational barriers for me.

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