Celebrate Your Memories!


Celebrate Your Memories!


What memories are your best and worst? What is the link between the two parallels? It is obviously you!

Our best and worsted times are the same! They are all times of our lives, each as important as the other! The one is for strengthening and the other enables us to appreciate life!

Endeavor to seek with all thy might that which make thee cry as much as thou seeketh what makes thee smile!

Thou shall know the wisdom within thine soul when thou learn to Celebrate all thine memories…

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Memories!

  1. Too many worst memories, the good are like gold and will be treasured for all time. Glimmering points throughout life being shown by soul these points of love and tenderness. Survival is an all time high, resilient to pick myself-up or be dragged back up by Our Heavenly Father unceasing love for us is there.

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