Enough of evil and wars, it is peacetime for the earth!

World leaders are probably ready to embrace peace! Our planet has been troubled for too long and the evil behind the acts must have reached it’s elastic limit! Evil and war is gradually giving up on it’s own, without conditions!

Although whatever goes up, even if compelled or not, must come down, willingly or not, and what will be, must be, what have we(you and I) contributed to this mighty project?

Can we not make an effort, so as to proudly stake a claim to the process?

It is not late to do something, if you have never done anything positive towards the endeavor.

Even if you are not popular.

Even if no one gets to hear about it.

We can be able to do something, no matter how little or insignificant we may think it is, for we are also in this world as part of the special plan for the nourishment of the life-force. We are all very important, even if all we ever get to do is just to breathe!

Let’s do it now!

If we can only wish for it, it will happen!

A little bit more than wishes but extraordinarily powerful is the act of prayer, which every conscious human being is capable of!

Wherever you are and whatever your disposition may be, make a wish for peace to overwhelm the earth and give it (the wish you made) power, by a faith energised declaration, through the act of prayer!

Do not forget that even if you don’t want it, peace will certainly take over the earth, when the time comes, and it is now!

Repent and seek the path of peace, it is blissful, one of the best attributes of the strange influence referred to as love!

Be a part of the revolution!

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