A Love Story Narration In Verse

A Love Story Narration In Verse


It is true

We have never met

She is very beautiful and lovely (Like a fusion of Venus and Aphrodite)!

Thousands of kilometers keeps us apart

Yet a few steps in our fantasies will take us to each other’s anxious arms…

If you listen carefully

If you enter our different thoughts

You will hear the rhythm of our heartbeats…

We both have our dreams

She wants to see the Eiffel in Paris

I want to see the Taj Mahal in Agra

We both have plans of that first day

She is typically Indian and shy…

I am typically Nigerian and reckless…

I want to ravish her with all sorts of imagined romance…

She wants to sing and dance for me, no touching…

We are in love

How so true…

How long will it last and to what end?

She promised to love me for as long as she lives

How so sweet…

I want to marry and live forever with her

So much for imaginations…



A civilised society

An advanced nation

What is the beauty of arranged matrimonies?

This could cause us untold sorrows

I am of a different background

A different origin…

What will be of us?

Love is said to be all!!

Our fates is in the hands of the gods

If customs and traditions are able to overpower their scheme

Then like Romeo and Juliet

Cupid will take us to Avalon

And in eternity shall our love be consummated!!!

8 thoughts on “A Love Story Narration In Verse

  1. Love in my country can be excruciatingly tricky to say the least, the caste system and what-nots really make it difficult for the lovers to get by. I hope you get your happy ending 😊.
    And do see the Taj Mahal, it’s really spectacular! πŸ˜‰

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