Do you bother when people say things about you?
How long will it be till you are grown?
Do you know what they say?
Put on airs and graces
You are an esteemed being, worthy to be talked about!!


What about Mother Nature?
See the mountains and the trees
How often have we abused their rights?
We fell trees for our homes and cooking
We disturb the silences of the mountains for treasures and stones to build with
We traverse the waters and everything therein
We build with the earth and bury our dead in it
We use every form of nature to our advantage, breathing it’s air freely!
It is all we are that we give to it…
Which is why
It will always be there, unshakable in everlasting glory!!


Do not worry
When they gossip about you
They envy your smiles and giggles
They want to be like you
They tried and failed…
So they give you all the powers they have
You are a champion, standing tall, nourishing life with your pleasantness

…and now

Make sure to give them things to talk about!
The attention of angels will be upon you!!
And what shall you be more than royalty?
Hallelujah to your gossipers!!!


Image Credit; giphy.com

2 thoughts on “GOSSIPS!!!

  1. Gossipers whilst they talk about you they leave others alone. Unfortunately Aswan the whole city knows everyone’s business. There are always people watching and stalking. There is no such thing as privacy or confidentiality so you have to go about your life as simply as possible and even if you buy a certain brand of coffee everyone in the area will be doing so.

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