Today is the day of the Sun

The day the giant light of the earth was Christened

The whole world gets light and energy from this only one mass

So awesome…

May the glory of God Almighty thus fill the earth

May every soul that breathes the life force be illuminated this day and forever


As bright as the sun came to be

May all humans thus become…


Peace will thus abound

No more shall besetting sins and sorrows trouble the hearts of men

Everyone shall understand the breathe in them!

All souls shall worship in the fusion of one spirit, as a molecule…


All shall live freely

No more masters…

No more slaves…

Poverty shall cease to exist even as a word…

Death shall become a tourism pastime…

Heaven shall become the earth…

The world shall be turned into Paradise…

This is worth praying for…

No one deserves condemnation

Everyone should live forever!!

“May light eternal

The spirit of God Almighty

Whose brightness is more than a million suns

Fill and overwhelmed the universe

Neutralising everything that hinders peace, all causes of poverty, sicknesses and death…

May thou indwel all bodies of mankind

The sweet image of thine likeness

Why must that which tasted thine Holy breath perish?

Amen to thy victory and glory!!!”

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