FARMERS WOES! Global Warming/GMO’s?


Global Warming/GMO’s?

With all the positive efforts and good intention of the government of the Federal Republican of Nigeria on crops farming, a lot of farmers might not be lucky at the harvests this year 2019, due to natural factors like the way the rains have refused to fall in and have been falling out of season!

August and September are the months we get the most rainfall every year in Nigeria, but this year, the situation is different. The rains in August was not much and not impressive in September as well, but the month of October has been something else as for it’s rains!

Groundnut and corn harvests are seriously affected!


The woe of the farmers will not only be limited to poor harvests, but the inability to repay loans obtained through the anchor borrowers scheme of the CBN, of which a lot of farmers are beneficiaries!


Rice Farmers

The rains had been ok for the rice, especially in Gombe South, but rice yield especially of the “Jamila type” will be very low cause a lot of the crops dried (not due to drought), before harvesting, causing tremendous losses. A farmer told me that in a particular farm where he harvested as much as forty bags of Jamila rice last year, he was only able to get two bags this year! The story is the same for nearly all the rice farmers; one farmer was so devastated he forgot his motorcycle at the farm and trekked the long distance back home where he was reminded!

Insects or locusts might not be the reason for the drying of the rice, cause the farms were fumigated. Maybe the soil acidity? But, the rice started well upon planting to maturity and immediately it starts seeding, everything will just dry up, from just below the seeds upwards, before the rest of the plant follow suit!

Could there be some factors that are yet unknown?


Global Warming/GMO’s

Could it be the seeds were a controlled variety due to being “Genetically Modified”, thus having limited lifespans? Could the rains also be the effects of “Global Warming”?

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