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Stilling the mind is a mental art that is capable of enabling humans or any living thing with such capabilities to enjoy true freedom.

When the mind is stilled, an individual will be able to do any manipulation he desires, because he can control it! The best and surest way to practice this control is through the act of meditation, which is a non scientific process of achieving any desired result over all situations!

Meditation has been erroneously limited to far eastern religious beliefs, with many people assuming it to be a satanic or extraordinary occultic practice, thus denying themselves access to and how it is practiced.

Every human being ought to be in meditative mood always, because of it’s link to the soul of man and the therapeutic effect it can have on the individual.

When we meditate, we purify our body and soul, but when we pray, we reach out to the supernatural. Both should always go together for excellent results and when it becomes a constant or daily routine in our lives, it will get to a point when even our normal speech shall be an act of meditation and prayer!

Meditation should be preparatory to prayer, for a sure response. One an act of works, while the other an act of faith!



When you want to meditate, the first step is the cleansing act, which can be symbolic, physical and practical.

Wash your entire body to refresh it and wear light simple clothes, but in cold regions, you have to dress accordingly, in simple warming garments.

Choosing a spot or venue is as important as the cleansing. It should be a place that can be defined as beautiful, a neat, quiet, serene and tranquil environment. The absence of noise is very important! Although timing is not an issue as any time is OK, the often preferred time is late nights and very early mornings, because silence is assured. Light should not be an issue, but there are those that prefer little of it, just candlelight illumination.

The next thing to do before completing the cleansing act is to do a few relaxation exercise that include calisthenics and breathing control for at least twenty minutes and the external cleansing done with.

When you feel relaxed, sit down in any position you feel comfortable at and begin your internal cleansing by forgiving yourself. When that is done, you will discover how easy it is to forgive those that wronged you and the entire universe. You will be so at ease and will enjoy calming peace, as you receive universal forgiveness!

At this stage, you are set to start full meditation, being a situation where you lose your consciousness to nothing by removing everything out of it. You will cease all thinking, thus making the mind void! You will remain in this situation for a while, at least thirty minutes to an hour or more.


This done, you are purged of any impurity and can effortlessly reach the subconscious by giving your conscious mind directives on everything that desire subconscious attention. In order words, you are set to pray!

At the point of your void or emptiness, the conscious and the unconscious became one. Immediately after separation, each is full of the other’s essence, of which influences are at the peak, making it easy for any action from both sides!

The conscious state is the one we are more often actively engaged in!


This is a simple way to meditate, do it all the time or whenever you are opportuned and you shall begin to live above the cares of this world. You will always have and radiate peace!

There are various ways of prayer and meditation. This at least gives a little insight on what meditation is and how it is done. You can devise your own way, the idea being to still or calm the mind before engaging in the supernatural act of prayer!



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