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Peter Wyn Mosey 40
Lives in Wales


Kymber Hawke (picture not available)
Born in Mishawaka, Virginia



I have always been creative and torn between art, music, and writing, I care about what others may think of my writing, and I write for me! I am always stunned when something I have written gets high praise from people who are clearly great writers or literary buffs themselves!

I have learned that although writing is very often a solitary act, it is made easier and more fruitful by those around me. So much so, that much of my blog is devoted to engaging with others in one way or another. It is something that I really want to build upon over the next few months.

Although I am quite an outgoing person I have silently suffered from depression and anxiety for my whole life. I am getting to the point these days when I want to speak up more about that part of my life and be able to offer guidance to other people who are going through similar problems. Mental health is a major problem that affects the lives of so many people, and even in 2019 the world is still struggling or brushing this problem under the carpet. One day I hope I will be able to help others!

I am currently learning to speak Welsh! It has long made me sad that I am not able to speak the language of the country I was born in. I’d like to start using more Welsh language in my writing as it is important to keep it alive. Though the language was in decline in my youth, there have been so many more people taking the language up, and it is used a great deal more on media these days, I’d like to be involved in helping it rise some more!

I used to work as a TV extra. I was on loads of BBC dramas and even a few films. I never saw my name in lights, but I always had a lot of fun being in the background.

I have held lots of different careers. Barman, carer, worked in a warehouse, hotels, restaurants, greengrocers, I’ve been a retail manager, a regional manager, and admin assistant, and most recently a freelance writer.

Started writing since the age of 12, 

Writing is a passion of mine. I love to entertain with stories. Been blogging my stories since January 2016

I also sing. I began singing early. My first solo in church was at the age of 2 years. When I was old enough, I sang in Church choir. I was professionally trained from a young age to sing, practicing four hours every day after school.

I was a Registered Nurse for many years, first working in the cardiology unit at the hospital. As time went on, I worked in many different areas, but I found I had a love for hospice and became a hospice nurse, caring for the dying, and specializing in dementia/memory care.
My favorite group of people are the elderly because they hold so many memories, and stories that are important. I think sometimes the elderly are overlooked, but I always found them the most interesting.

Anyway, I haven’t ever done anything I would consider amazing or spectacular, but I do hope I was able to make the last moments in my patients’ lives comfortable, and without fear.

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