Our Celebrities’ Passions

Our Celebrities’ Passions


Peter Wyn Mosey is passionate about; writing, sleeping, his wife, his dog, his two cats, music, films, walking on the gorgeous Welsh beaches near his home, drinking coffee, vegan food, visiting bookshops, collecting books, sifting through boxes of old vinyl, and sleep!

Visit his blog to find out more;  http://www.peterwynmosey.com



Kymber’s, ¬†passions at the moment include singing, music in general¬†from many different genres, classic movies (especially those starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly), painting, making mosaics, and working in her art journal.

Kymber Hawke is also passionate about her writing and her cat, Cesare, whom she adopted six (6)years ago from a shelter. Cesare is always by Kymber’s side, ready for a cuddle! She said he(Cesare) owns her and not the other way round!


Visit her blog to find out more; http://www.booomcha.com

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