Interview Questions

Interview Questions


The first celebrity’s week is almost over and to round up, the celebrities are expected to answer a few questions and the answers will be posted tomorrow.

The questions are;

1. Do you believe that the world will soon end and will be no more?
2. If answer to Q1 is yes, what makes you think so? Are there any relative signs to indicate that the world will certainly come to an end?
3. Have you heard about GMOs’ (Genetically Modified Organisms)?
4. Do you think GMO technology can revolutionize agriculture and bring an end to food problems of the world?
5. Do you know of any concerns about GMO’s?
6. What is your position on GMO research and current practices?
7. Do you know much, or little about Stem technology?
8. Can stem technology be the final solution to all health problems?

9. Give a summary of what your blog, or your most important work is all about and provide a link to it, your current, or any other post.


Please nominate yourself or another! The procedure is on this link ;

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