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Best hope for Nigeria!


Politics in Nigeria is more centered on political parties than on individuals and the ability to deliver!
Godfatherism thrives because political parties which are mere platforms, have more power than the politicians! Anyone with the means or ability to hijack a political party becomes the leader thereof, controlling both the party and the party members!


A lot of people are ignorant of the power of their votes which they often give without much considerations!
It is the vote that empowers any politician to have access to a political office as an elected representative of a majority. With this in view, people ought to understand that the real power is with them and not the political parties or elected representatives!


It is worrying that even enlightened people have accepted the fallacy that the political party is more relevant than the politician, thus to win an election, a politician has to belong to a particular party, usually the ruling party!
It is important for the ordinary masses to understand and accept the fact that political parties are NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN POLITICIANS/INDIVIDUALS! It is the quality of the individual that ought to count more than anything else, which is why if a capable politician is vying for a position on individual capacity, or under a less prominent political party, the voters should vote for such a one for quality representation!


There is no political party that has bad manifestos. If those that ride horses on the platform of their parties to power will enforce the ideals thereof, Nigeria could have been better a long time ago, but it is unfortunately not so! It is mostly selfish and corrupt politicians that are always at the helm, often overshadowing the few good ones among them!


Another sad fact about political parties in Nigeria is that no matter what the manifestos are, the allegiance of the politicians is more on religious conviction that it is proper to claim that all our political parties are religious parties whose identity is determined at any given season by the number of adherents of a particular religion and their capacity to dominate!


Worse than the religious angle is ethnicity in politics!
It is now a common practice of politicians to use subtle means and manipulate people through religion, eventually dominating the political scene by claims of divine authority!
This practice is so popular that ethnic cleansing is rampant, such that certain tribes are even regarded as the “majority” or “minority!”


Whatever your conviction and no matter the efforts and subtlety of politicians and their political parties or machinery, you must know and understand that no one is more important than the person in you! Whatever it takes, your vote is also a deciding factor!
Do not miss out in the power determination!
Choose the quality individual, who is capable of pursuing and protecting a general interest, NOT political parties or religious, and tribal interests!
Give power to the person that is genuine and has your interest at heart, no matter who he/she may be, or is coming from!


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