When the enemies of God and my enemies are allowed to have a field day with me, what will happen? What do I do?

How do I identity and differentiate my enemies and God’s?

Who, or what are the enemies?

Failures of good and triumph/successes of evil…?

Now that prayers are becoming irrelevant because there is no difference between their (prayers) being answered and unanswered, as troubles and sorrows are on the increase, which makes evil more attractive and succumbing to it profitable!

What do I do?

If I pledge allegiance to evil, how long will the pleasures last? If I refused and keep to the good paths, how long will I continue in despair and when it(despair) is over, what is in store for me, will it truly be eternal bliss?

The world seemed to be taken over by enemies! Just enemies! Enemies of everything!

I wish the law of elasticity is rife, to be applied on “all round enemies!” We(I and those like me!) have reached the elastic limit of our worries and our enemies ought to have reached their elastic limit of tormenting us!

It is seriously “time over” for the bleakness and cruel wild animal life we live!

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